We are here for you. Standby for our online market.

We plan to be back live in Bissell Park as soon as we all can be safe!

In  the meantime:

Your market growers and producers and bakers are ready to give you their best.  You can get it by shopping online.  We have been busy building our online market platform with Local Line.

How can you use it?    You become a customer of the online market. Shop and select what you need.  At check out you will pay each vendor just as if you were at the market.  Shop from Wednesday morning to Friday at noon for most vendors.  Some vendors will advise if they need you to order sooner to meet your needs.

We will have your orders ready for you to pick up at our market hub at the west end of Bissell Park on Saturdays.   All the right safety measures will be in place there to be sure you can have the best of local food with a one stop pick up.

Click here to start shopping!

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